Statement from Mike Leven on Current Events in Israel


“We stand with Israel. I heard about Israel’s 1947 UN establishment on the radio as a child and recall the words of my grandfather, “We have a home.” Those words symbolize more than a birth of a nation, but an enduring hope for our people. Inspired by this legacy, I founded the Jewish Future Pledge to preserve Jewish values, culture, and traditions for generations. Remember our shared history, the adversities we’ve overcome, and the immeasurable sacrifices of those who came before us. The challenges facing Israel today underscore our unity and unwavering support. The dream—that every Jew should always have a homeland must be safeguarded. We pray for peace and stability for Israel and for the region. We stand firmly committed to championing the future of the Jewish global community and the State of Israel. We call upon everyone to recognize and honor our shared heritage for a secure future for Israel. It is through our collective efforts that we will ensure our legacy and that Israel endures for all future generations. We stand with Israel, now and always.”

— Mike Leven, founder, The Jewish Future Pledge