Renowned Rabbi David Wolpe Becomes 18,000th “Chai Pledge Ambassador” For The Jewish Future Pledge: A Commitment To Preserve Heritage And Traditions

Influential Rabbi Joins Global Movement To Support Charitable Giving To Jewish Causes Inspiring Hope And Unity For Future Generations

ATLANTA and LOS ANGELES (May 16, 2023) – Today, The Jewish Future Pledge (JFP) proudly announced that the esteemed Rabbi David Wolpe, Max Webb Senior Rabbi of Sinai Temple in Los Angeles and acclaimed author, has taken on the honored role of JFP’s 18,000th “Chai Pledge Ambassador.”

By making this pledge, Rabbi Wolpe unites with Jews and Jewish allies worldwide, committing to donate at least 50% of their charitable giving to support the Jewish people and/or the State of Israel. The Jewish Future Pledge signifies a powerful expression of one’s values and a lasting impact on the world. In joining this movement, pledgers support a community that is dedicated to preserving Jewish heritage and traditions for future generations, sparking vital conversations with loved ones.

Rabbi Wolpe is a prominent scholar, author, and leader in American Jewish life with eight books, including the bestseller “Making Loss Matter.” Recognized as the most influential rabbi by Newsweek, he serves at Sinai Temple, Maimonides Fund, and as the ADL’s first Rabbinic Fellow. Wolpe has taught at multiple universities and contributed to various publications. His book, “David: The Divided Heart,” was optioned for a movie by Warner Brothers.

“In signing the Jewish Future Pledge, I am making a profound and heartfelt commitment to my beloved community,” said Rabbi Wolpe. “It is a pledge that reflects my strong conviction to uphold the cherished values and customs that have not only shaped my own identity but also impacted the lives of numerous individuals. This pledge represents a resolute determination to safeguard and preserve our rich heritage for future generations.”

“We are delighted to recognize Rabbi Wolpe as the 18,000th individual to sign the Jewish Future Pledge,” said Mike Leven, founder of the Jewish Future Pledge. “Rabbi Wolpe’s dedication to Jewish values and Israel’s future is inspiring. His pledge exemplifies the impact one person can make in preserving our rich culture for generations. As we cross this milestone, we urge Jewish communities globally to join and make a difference. Committing to the Jewish Future Pledge creates a lasting legacy of hope, unity, and compassion.”

The Jewish Future Pledge (JFP) aims to safeguard the future of the Jewish community by encouraging planned estate allocations and promoting the sharing of generational narratives and values. This initiative seeks to inspire Jews from diverse backgrounds, socio-economic levels, and observances to dedicate a portion of their estate’s charitable giving to support Jewish causes.

“JFP’s mission is to attract supporters who will help secure nearly 20% of the $68 trillion wealth transfer, expected to occur within the next 25 years, from Jewish donors,” continued Leven. “This pivotal moment presents an opportunity to shape the Jewish community’s future. JFP endeavors to ensure that over $600 billion, representing half of the charitable funds donated by Jewish donors, will be designated to support the Jewish people and/or the State of Israel. The Jewish Future Pledge does not receive any of these funds. Instead, we encourage individuals, families, and foundations to include the Jewish community and/or Israel in their estate planning process.”

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About The Jewish Future Pledge
The Jewish Future Pledge (JFP) is a global initiative dedicated to preserving and strengthening the Jewish people and their community’s future. The JFP initiative invites individuals, foundations, and organizations to commit that a significant portion of their charitable giving will support the Jewish community and/or the State of Israel. The pledge is a way for individuals to take action and express their values while having open discussions with family and friends. JFP recognizes the importance of engaging the next generation and has created the Jewish Youth Pledge, which challenges young Jews between the ages of 13 and 24 to become active community members and provides them with the resources to do so. JFP has formed partnerships with prominent Jewish organizations, including the Jewish Federations of North America, JNF-USA, Israel Bonds, the Orthodox Union, and numerous local federations in the United States. These partnerships help to amplify the message of JFP and work toward a common goal of ensuring the future of the Jewish people. For more information on the Jewish Future Pledge and how to get involved, please visit