October 2020

Morgan Stanley GIFT Helps Secure the Jewish Future

We are thrilled to announce our new collaboration with global financial leader Morgan Stanley’s charitable giving vehicle, Morgan Stanley GIFT. In recent years, Morgan Stanley has placed focus on supporting clients in translating their faith-based values into their charitable contributions and investments. Morgan Stanley GIFT and the Jewish Future Pledge plan to work together to educate clients and advisors about opportunities to ensure that their values are reflected in their financial, estate, and charitable planning.

According to a 2020 report by Giving USA, religious contributions make up the largest percentage of total charitable contributions in the U.S. “Many of our clients are looking to their faith to determine what they will leave behind,” says Melanie Schnoll Begun, Head of Philanthropy Management at Morgan Stanley and President of Morgan Stanley GIFT. “The Jewish Future Pledge provides an evergreen framework for this moment, helping donors to make their vision of a better future a reality.”

Our movement has grown to more than 500 pledgers, a significant milestone in our shared commitment to secure the Jewish future. Each and every pledger demonstrated leadership that will have a direct impact in ensuring vibrant Jewish life for generations to come. Join our community by taking the Pledge on our website.

Together, let’s pledge to make a difference in the world.



Mike Leven and His Family Talk Jewish Philanthropic Engagement

Sit down with the Leven family to learn the inside story behind the Jewish Future Pledge. Hear Mike and Andrea Leven share what inspired them to create an international movement to promote Jewish giving, and listen to their sons, Rob, Jon, and Adam, talk about their Jewish upbringing and articulate what the Jewish Future Pledge means to them.