Mort Klein Pledge


Morton “Mort” Klein, President of Zionist Organization of America, Becomes 25,000th Signatory of Jewish Future Pledge, Committing to Strengthen Jewish Legacy

In marking a milestone for the Jewish Future Pledge (JFP), Morton “Mort” Klein, the President of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), has become the 25,000th person to take the pledge. With a steadfast commitment to preserving Jewish heritage and advancing the causes he holds dear; Klein’s dedication is an example of the power of intergenerational conversations about the impact of the Jewish Future Pledge.

As the leader of the ZOA, Klein has spent decades advocating for the well-being and security of the Jewish people. Under his guidance, the ZOA has been a voice in championing the rights of Jews worldwide and promoting a strong US-Israel relationship. Klein is known for his dedication to preserving Jewish identity and fostering a vibrant future.

Klein’s support of Israel dates to his early years. Born in a displaced persons camp in Germany to Holocaust survivors, he understands the profound importance of a resilient Jewish identity and the State of Israel. Throughout his life, he has been a vocal advocate for Israel’s security and a staunch defender against antisemitism and anti-Zionism. 

The Jewish Future Pledge, a groundbreaking initiative designed to promote intergenerational conversations to secure pledges to earmark 50% of charitable bequests to Jewish causes or the State of Israel. JFP has resonated with individuals, families, and foundations who are committed to leaving a lasting impact on the Jewish community and the State of Israel. 

Klein’s taking the pledge, further supports his belief in generational wealth transfer as a pivotal force for the sustainability of nonprofit organizations. By designating funds for Jewish causes and Israel through legacy gifts, he is ensuring that vital resources are available to support educational programs, community development, and cultural initiatives that strengthen the Jewish community’s foundation. 

The Jewish Future Pledge is not only a financial commitment; it is a profound declaration of one’s dedication to preserving Jewish values, traditions, and heritage. The 25,000 individuals, families and charitable foundations who are shaping the future through pledged legacy giving, support a powerful message to the Jewish community and beyond. These 25,000 pledges are not just a promise for the future, they are a tribute to the resilience of the Jewish people and a testament to the enduring strength of the Jewish community.