Pledger Spotlight: Isaac Frank and the Frank Family


What is one Jewish value you carry with you in your daily life?

Most central to us is Tikkun Olam – repairing the world. It is important to do good every day, not only for the Jewish community, but for anyone in need.

Overall, for us, Jewish values serve as a compass, a guide for how we live our lives. Judaism intertwines in our daily lives – our children attend Jewish day schools, we have relatives who are rabbis and live in Israel, and everything we do is through a Jewish lens.

How can we encourage the next generation to prioritize philanthropy and support their Jewish communities?

We need to listen to them and hear what interests them, what motivates them, and what their values are. We also must act as role models and show the next generation what philanthropy looks like. In our family, that is what we do. We teach by example and incorporate our children on a level that interests them.

Why is it important to educate young Jews about the Jewish future?

We must provide the next generation with a Jewish education that reminds them that their actions, values, and religion are valuable to society and the world. To us, an essential component of a Jewish education is the call to live a moral life – not because we are better than anyone else, but because that is what our religion asks of us.

Judaism is an asset to this world and needs to remain strong. This belief has sustained our people for the past 2000 years and will sustain us for many generations to come. We have so much faith in our children and our community that I cannot see a world in which there is not a Jewish future.

What do you love about the Jewish Future Pledge and the Jewish Youth Pledge?

The Jewish Youth Pledge encourages the younger generation to stay active in the Jewish community, and the Jewish Future Pledge puts that notion into practice even after passing. The Jewish Future and Youth Pledges sustain the value of L’dor Vador– from generation to generation, remaining active in our communities in different but equally as important ways.

We were so moved by Mike Leven’s vision for the Jewish future that we had to share it with our friends. We arranged for Mike to speak with them and within that group was Lisa Fox Freedman the president of the Davis Academy, a Jewish Day School in Atlanta. She found the message of the Jewish Youth Pledge so inspirational that she wanted to implement it at her school. As a result, the Davis Academy partnered with the Jewish Youth Pledge, and the entire 2022 graduating class – 55 students – took the Youth Pledge. They each wrote letters to their future selves and promised to remain active and contributing members of the Jewish community throughout their lives.