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Empowering The Next Generation: The Jewish Youth Pledge Welcomes Its 18,000th Ambassador

Uniting Young Jews In A Journey Of Heritage And Commitment JYP Celebrates Major Milestone With New ‘Chai’ Ambassador Camila Besprosvan Of Loyola Marymount University

ATLANTA (December 6, 2023) In a milestone moment for the Jewish continuity, The Jewish Youth Pledge (JYP) celebrates the induction of its 18,000th “Chai” Jewish Youth Pledge Ambassador, Camila Besprosvan the President of Students Supporting Israel at Loyola Marymount University. This milestone underscores JYP’s pivotal role in cultivating a lasting bond between young Jewish individuals and the enduring values of their cultural and religious heritage. With a commitment to forging a vibrant future for Jewish traditions and community, JYP makes its innovative, complementary platform available for organizations worldwide dedicated to igniting a passion for Jewish identity among youth aged 13-24. Through JYP, a new generation embarks on a transformative path of engagement and personal growth, ensuring the Jewish spirit thrives for years.

“To me, the Jewish Youth Pledge means that I am promising my family, friends, and community that I will always support the Jewish community, the State of Israel, and our prosperity,” said JYP’s 18,000th Pledger, Camila Besprosvan. “Beyond that, it is a way for me to honor my ancestors and assure the world that I do not forget their suffering as Jews in Spain, Ukraine, Syria, and Argentina. It is an oath that I will protect their and my decedent’s prayer for peace and safety.”

JYP strengthens participants’ connection to their heritage and community by encouraging pledgers to play a critical role in shaping the future of the Jewish people. JYP engages participants with enriching programming designed by leading Jewish educators to explore their Jewish identity through immersive experiences. Participants pledge to live Jewishly, penning a digital letter to their future selves and sharing the impact they want to leave on the Jewish community. Pledgers immortalize their pledging moment with a candid digital photo, marking the start of their commitment journey. JYP memorializes these memories of their immersive experiences and seals them in a digital time capsule, which, over the next two decades, JYP participants receive biennial reminders of their promise and are gifted their letters every five years. The Jewish Youth Pledge offers organizations a free platform that nurtures alum engagement and creates an unforgettable shared experience, fortifying a lifelong relationship between organizations and pledgers.

“In the shadow of rising antisemitism, each pledge is a defiant beacon of hope — a testament to the enduring spirit and unity of the Jewish people,” said Mike Leven, Founder of JYP. “Today’s achievement of 18,000 youth pledges is not merely a count; it’s the heartbeat of a generation poised to inherit and reshape our heritage. As we stand at this juncture, the resounding commitment of our youth to Jewish life and culture heralds a future where our traditions are remembered and vibrantly lived. The Jewish Youth Pledge is more than an initiative; it’s a promise engraved in the souls of our young, ensuring that the Jewish identity is preserved and invigorated in the hands of those who will write our story tomorrow.”

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About The Jewish Youth Pledge

The Jewish Youth Pledge is a dedicated initiative to empower Jewish youth to take ownership of their Jewish identity encouraging them to make a meaningful commitment to the Jewish community. The program encourages Jewish teenagers and young adults aged 13-24 to write personal pledges about the role they want Judaism to play in their lives, which are stored in a secure online time capsule. Participants receive a reminder of their pledge every two years, along with a copy of their pledge on significant anniversaries as a tangible reminder of their commitment and a source of inspiration to continue making a positive impact on the Jewish world. The Jewish Youth Pledge, an initiative of The Jewish Future Pledge, work in tandem to foster the preservation of the worldwide Jewish community by engaging in meaningful action that supports the Jewish people and the State of Israel. For more information on the Jewish Youth Pledge and the Jewish Future Pledge, visit and